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DEATH STRANDING Novelize Steel book edition (Japanese)

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NOTE: This novel is only available in Japanese.

For the first time, a novel has been produced in the SteelBook(R) format similar to the ones for Blu-ray movies and games!  It's the same format as the other steel books. so you can add them to your steelbook collection.

The cover art comes in an original design, illustrated by Pablo Uchida. (*Limited Quantities)

Cover: SteelBook(R) 
The first and second volumes of the Shincho Bunko nex "DEATH STRANDING", which were released on November 28, 2019, are combined into one book. 

Author:Hitori Nojima
Original Story: Hideo Kojima

Book: 384 pages
Publisher: Shinchosha (Feb. 28, 2020)
Language: Japanese