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DEATH STRANDING BB Pod figure Mascot

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The BB Pod that appears in the game, "DEATH STRANDING" is sculpted to the palm size of approximately 2in/50mm in length!

Please read the following notes carefully before purchasing.

1 BOX - 8 pieces included
This is a set of 8 pieces (all 5 types + 3 random types) that includes all 5 types.
Each piece not sold separately.
The capsule toy version comes in a box with paper packaging.
The product specifications and the line up are the same as the capsule toy version.

This product comes in a carton set of 8 small boxes which must be opened to reveal the contents.

(5 types in total)
01: Normal 
02: Empty (BB not included)
03: Autotoxemia
04: High Stress
05: Higgs Ver. (BB not included)

Material Body: ABS/PVC
Size Body: approx. H50 x W35 x D20mm/ H2 x W1.4 x D0.8 inches
Country of origin China
Released by HMA Co.

Reproduced down to the smallest detail from the actual 3D data.
The shield part is removable.